Delicious & Creamy Yogurt Jello Recipe

Delicious & Creamy Yogurt Jello Recipe – Boring, ‘ol jello gets a major upgrade with the addition of yogurt and cream!  This simple addition transforms it into a creamy dessert that is light in texture, rich in flavor, perfectly sweet with lovely notes of tanginess.

Servings: 4


1 package Jello (flavor of your choice; I used Strawberry)*
1 cup boiling water (measure after boiling)
1/2 cup (127g) plain, full fat natural yogurt*
1/2 cup (118ml) heavy whipping cream*

For Garnish: (optional)
Whipped cream
Berries of choice
Mint leaves


Empty the contents of the jello envelope into a medium bowl. Pour the boiling water over the jello and whisk until completely dissolved. Set aside to cool down to warm room temperature; about 30 minutes. Do not attempt to speed up the cooling process by refrigerating it, as this will solidify the jello.

Meanwhile, take both the yogurt and cream out of the fridge, to bring them close to room temperature. By ensuring that all components are at a similar temperature, prevents the mixture from curdling. Adding cold dairy to hot jello mixture, will cause the mixture to curdle and split and the texture won’t be pleasant.

When the jello mixture is no longer hot to the touch, whisk in the yogurt and cream until evenly combined.

Divide the mixture evenly into 4 ramekins or glasses or 1 medium serving bowl, if serving family-style. Refrigerate until set, 2 to 3 hours or up to overnight.

If desired, garnish with whipping cream, topped with a berry and mint leaves. Serve cold or at cool room temperature.


Depending on the brand of Jello (aka Jelly) used, the weight can vary from 70 grams (2 1/2oz) to 85 grams (3oz). I use Dreem brand in Egypt which is 70g (2 1/2oz), but the 85g (3oz) packages, like Jell-O brand, will work just as well.

I’ve only ever used natural, full fat yogurt in this recipe; just the way my Grandma made it, so I’m unsure how lower fat or Greek yogurt will work in this recipe. My guess would be that lower fat yogurt will taste less rich; not entirely a bad thing. As for Greek yogurt, I imagine it turning out thicker in consistency, which may actually be quite nice.

For a leaner version of this dessert, you may substitute the heavy cream with more yogurt. Just note that it will be tangier in taste.

For a bigger serving, feel free to double, triple or quadruple this recipe.


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