Halloween Trifle Recipe

This Halloween Trifle dessert is very easy to make and makes for a fantastic Halloween food. Let it be one of the Halloween recipes that will be at the centerpiece of your next party!

Servings : 16
2 chocolate instant pudding packs 3.4 oz
4 cups milk
Prepared boxed chocolate fudge cake (often requires oil, eggs and/or water)
1 package Halloween ghost Peeps
1 package Halloween pumpkin Peeps
1 cup candy corn


  1. Prepare your chocolate fudge cake according to the directions on the box. You can use Pillsbury, Duncan Hines or any other brand that you may find on sale or have handy.
  2. Once you’ve prepared it, allow the cake to cool completely. Slice your cake into small cubes.
  3. In a medium sized bowl, pour both boxes of instant pudding. Pour in the required milk (this should be 4 cups total, but verify this on your specific box) and mix well. Refrigerate for five minutes to set. READ MORE

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