Easy Oreo Keto Chaffles Recipe

Oreo Keto Chaffles recipe is everything you love about your favorite cookie! With a crispy chocolate shell and a fluffy, cream filled center, you will be making this keto chaffle over and over again! Servings: 2INGREDIENTSCHOCOLATE CHAFFLE1 Egg1 1/2 tbsp Unsweetened Cocoa2 tbsp Lakanto Monkfruit, or choice of sweetener1 tbsp Heavy Cream1 tsp Coconut Flour1/2 … Read more

Easy Keto Chaffle Recipe

The highly popular Keto Chaffle recipe is everywhere you look online if you are in any keto or low carb groups. Chaffles went viral virtually overnight, and now there are many variations of this quick and easy recipe on Facebook. This traditional Chaffle recipe is a fantastic alternative to bread and makes perfectly delicious sandwiches. … Read more